Mar 16, 2023


Jen Randall

Pass It On Goes Live

Tami Knight belays Heather Mosher on one of her ascents from the early eighties.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, our Pass It On series, made in collaboration with Well Travelled Collective and Arc’teryx, was launched online for all to enjoy for free.

These short films were made to celebrate three locals who spread their love of Squamish climbing into the fabric of the broader community. We meet Sandy Ward of the Lil’wat Nation, who dedicates time to sharing her climbing knowledge with local indigenous youth; we get silly with Tami Knight, route developer of the late 70s and 80s; and go projecting with long-term carer Michelle LeBlanc, who takes residents in their 80s on imaginary expeditions.

Residents join Michelle LeBlanc on a climbing day out from the comfort of their garden.

It was a true pleasure working with these women and getting to know our own community a little bit better as a result. It can be powerful and refreshing to take a moment to celebrate what’s good. As Squamish grows taller, fuller and wider faster than you can blink an eye, it was special to shed light on a few individuals who remind us of why we choose to put down roots here, and why this community is only growing stronger.

Sandy Ward shares her skills with the ILSA youth.

It was also exciting to team up with cinematographer Leo Hoorn and a stellar creative team to bring these stories to life on big festival screens, film tours and phones. However you get to watch, we hope you enjoy!

Jen and Leo review what they’ve got so far in the Paradise Valley boulders.
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